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Bitcoin is Magic Internet Money

Bitcoin is Magic Internet Money


Brendon Duncan

I first discovered Bitcoin in 2013. My initial reaction was to immediately dismiss it, before I even knew what it was.  After hearing about it more and more, I eventually thought it might be worth looking into. What I discovered, the work of Satoshi Nakamoto, was amazing. That lead me to a deep dive into Bitcoin, researching it for a month with all my time. I saw how Bitcoin could change the world, that it really worked as person-to-person electronic cash, then I was hooked.

Later, I witnessed the takeover of Bitcoin by outside interests determined to cripple it. Bitcoin was destroyed when a fork introduced Segregated Witness, making it more expensive for Bitcoin to scale, and breaking the chain of electronic signatures that made it peer to peer electronic cash. Fortunately another fork called Bitcoin Cash restored the original functionality and Bitcoin lives again.




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